Top 3 Ways To Remove Age Spots For Good

Age spots are one of the first signs of middle age to pop up, and they are hardly a welcome sight! They can appear just about anywhere on your skin and it seems as if they spread in a frighteningly fast manner. Of course, any skin care aisle you visit will be brimming with options to help deal with the problem, but it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s also easy to worry about possibly making the problem worse or buying something that just doesn’t work in the first place. After careful study and input from dermatologists, the top 3 ways to remove age spots have finally been determined.

remove age spots easily

If you’re sick of your age spots ruining your confidence and affecting your ability to make a good first impression, you should try one of the following:

  • Eprouve Serum

If you opt into any old serum off of the pharmacy or department store shelves, it’s going to be hard to get the kind of “fountain of youth” results you’re likely looking for. Some spots might be lightened by your run of the mill serum treatments, but real results are hard to come by. Fortunately, studies have pointed towards one particularly effective candidate: Eprouve


Eprouve is a serum that’s actually quite gentle on the skin. Its ingredients are ellagic acid, yeast extracted, hydroxiphenooxy propyonic acid and salycilic acid. These will lighten your age spots greatly, providing a considerably more even appearance.

Using Eprouve is fairly simple. You only need a small amount on your fingertips which you can then gently rub over any age spots you’re looking to remove. It absorbs into the skin quite quickly, so you may be left with some on your hands even after washing. While you can use this product safely, it’s always best to have a dermatologist look at any particularly dark spots just in case other health issues besides simple aging may be causing them.

  • NaturaBright: 7-in-1 Skin Lightening Cream

Much like serums, there are a lot of topical creams that only give temporary results at best. Going the professional route will garner much better results. Many dermatologists have championed NaturaBright as of late. It not only lightens your spots, but it also exfoliates the skin and even removes inflammation. This can easily leave a more youthful appearance for your hands and face.

NaturaBright 7-in-1 Skin Lightening Cream is generally can be used for an 8 week period although you can use it continuously without negative effects. Results are may visible within half that time. Even Melasma, which causes brown spots along the face, was shown to diminish in nearly 40 percent of studied cases after NaturaBright was administered. The spots might return eventually once the treatment stops. NaturaBright can also make the skin more susceptible to issues such as sunburn given its ingredients, so make sure to use it in tandem with some sunscreen if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside.

  • Laser Treatment

If serums and creams just don’t seem to work for you, there’s always laser treatment. Dermatologists are especially fond of PicoWay given its ability to work for a wide variety of complexions and areas of skin. Of course, laser treatments are going to garner more permanent results since they can’t simply be washed away.

PicoWay uses short picosecond (a very small fraction of a second) pulses that break down the pigment in your age spots into smaller particles. Though it sounds violent, the process is actually quite gentle. This is one of the most effective means of laser age spot removal. Once the process is complete, the body can easily work to remove the remaining pigment particles, leaving you with more evenly colored skin through and through.

Those are 3 proven ways to remove age spots easily, please comment with your experiences that worth to share – proven ways how to remove age spots…